Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My father is god of wealth 原来我爸爸是财神爷

First day of chinese new year when i open my eyes i saw a ' red man ' stand beside me with a smiling face. Than he say ' wake up ah boy , happy new year lo '...I straight away jump up and take my camera !! I have no idea where he get this costume haha..anyway thank you dad and Happy New Tiger Year to my family

~财神到,财神到,财神到我家大门口,迎财神 ,接财神 ,把财神接到我家里头~

~God of wealth reach,God of wealth reach ,God of wealth reach my house
Welcome God of wealth , Fetch God of wealth ,Welcome God of wealth into my house~
(eng version )

This year i will HUAT gao gao !!! Huat ah ! Huat ah ! Huat ah !