Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spotlight Boogie !!! Mad respect to Singapore popping scene

Last Sunday when to Singapore for popping event...SPOTLIGHT BOOGIE!!! This is the first 3 vs 3 popping battle in Singapore brought to you by studio Wu . This happening event located at the Heeren shopping mall . All poppers gather in front of the stage around 5.00pm and start to warm up themselves . As usual , i went to 'shit' GAO GAO and change my costume.

First time stand on the round stage for battle event !! All the people surrounding and cheer for the popper no matter who you are and where u come from . yahooooooo!!!!!

Ben psky , sexy diamond boss (left) , Micheal Sim Prince Jack, Studio Wu (right) , Doc Orc OCTO ( didn't came out the stage) This three man bring up the Singapore popping scene!! Mad respect !!!

The MC also beat boxer - Jacky AK47
He look like wilver pan (潘伟柏) in this picture ha ha !!

Prince Jack in the House !!!

New Bird poppers !!!! hahaha

PSKY - sexy diamond with 1 , 2 boogie

Robin !!! He went to Korea for 4 Da next level !! He is very kind and humble person , respect !!!

We only make it to Top 8 .

In future , i will attend all the popping events . Hopefully more people can join this scene and bring it to another level!!!!!