Monday, November 30, 2009

Malaysia Popping Scene !!!!

Watching some new popping clip from youtube . Korea poppers keep improving and showing their new style in every battle event . The way they pop , roll , wave , control , soul , creativity and style make me crazy and inspire me a lot.

i have no idea when i am in love with popping haha. From bboy to hip hop and now hip hop to popping and i realise that not much popper in malaysia!! Popping event even worst !! LANGSUNG TAKDA !! Why will this happen ?? Where is the platform for all the popper to share and learn to each other ??i really hope that in future someone will bring up this culture bring up this scene because i really Love to Pop!!

Next year all the dance event will come back again and hope more workshop too !!!!!

Battle of the year , floor combat , uk bboy championship , red bull BC one , R16 , freestyle seesion .................

Who is the best (korea , China) , 4 Da Next Level , Keep On Dancing (china) , What da funk ,
old school nite (singapore , japan) , Max party (taiwan) , Floor the love (singapore) , spotlight boogie (singapore) , Hook up , Rookie pop lock...................

Mad respect to EB family!!!!

My idol Poppin J wooooo!!!!!