Friday, June 19, 2009

Floor combat part 2

Baggyhead and jiayi

Lady 7 (solo Bgal champ) and baggy

bboy zen (sol0 bboy champ) and baggy

Famous one and baggy

Shaggy and baggy

bboy kim and baggy

bboy AD and baggy

Another eddie aka a bui wahahha

bboy bobby (oi mana baggy ?)

bboy fido and his wife and me Baggy

Top bboy crew bboy fake and bboy baggy wahahhahahahah!!!!

bboy one day (back), ayumi mimi (yellow) bboy chong and baggy

bgal nikki and baggy

bboy cruz and bgal lady 7

mr kartoon and lady 7

End....wait for next year floor combat. i will be in the circle wahhaha