Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BREAKOUT - Extreme Dance Comedy

Break break break break it out!!! Korea bboy in the house hahaha.I bought two tickets and get two tickets for free.ME, Jiayi(my darling), jiahao(darling bro) and his friend went to watch this great show!!It is a silent comedy combine with break dancing yeahhhh....

The lead actors!!!

All the girls like him so much..including my darling T_T

This part is cute,they are really funny!!


At the end of the show the crowd were cheering for encore and the casts did came out and gave us a great performance.

One round of encore wasn't enough, the crowd waited outside of the hall and discuss how great was the show. We are lucky enough the cast came out to have a photography session with all of us.I hope there will be second part of breakout will show in malaysia!!